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However challenging you think your dental work might be, we will bring the full range of our services and experience to create a beautiful smile for you. Just like the stories from Stacy, Jennifer, and Brianna below, you’ll learn how surprisingly easy, comfortable, and affordable getting a new smile. . . and a new lease on life can be!

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Smile Makeovers Before and After our Dental Care:

Smile Restoration Before
Smile Restoration After

Stacy’s letter to All Care Dentistry:

“I had fear and anxiety about dentists for a long time, but Dr. Dave and his staff made me forget all that. From computerized Novocain injections to having a movie play while getting my work done, it all made me feel much better. I had a lot of work done and having the option to sleep through some of it made things even easier. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Dave and his staff for your dental work. They made ‘the fear of the dentist’ a thing of the past. There is absolutely no fear walking into Dr. Dave’s office.

Thank you so much to everyone at All Care Dentistry”


Smile Restoration Before
Smile Restoration After

Jennifer’s story:

“I have always thought your face is an outlook into the world, but when you have a mouthful of chipped broken and discolored teeth people look at you a lot differently. I stopped smiling with my mouth open; and covered it when I laughed really hard. I was so embarrassed not to mention extremely depressed and with my upcoming wedding it made me feel a lot worse.

Dr. Dave made all of my problems go away. He is not only a dentist, he’s an artist! He reconstructed my smile to fit my face and gave me the confidence I needed! I can’t believe my teeth match the color of my wedding dress!

My experience with All Care Dentistry was absolutely wonderful. The staff was so friendly and helpful they made me feel very comfortable. I like the fact that you have the option to sleep through your appointment or even watch a movie. Even though I did not sleep during my visits; Dr. Dave made sure I didn’t feel a thing using computerized Novocain injections.

If you are self-conscious about your smile or are afraid to visit a dentist, call Dr. Dave. He can give you back what you have been missing.

Thanks again Dr. Dave”


Before Smile Restoration
Smile Restoration After

Here is what Brianna said:

“Before I had my dental work with Dr. Dave I liked my smile, but my new smile has really increase my confidence. Lots of people now tell me how great my teeth look and I get lots of compliments. If you are thinking about getting your smile upgraded I’d really encourage you to do it. It has been wonderful.

Thanks to Dr. Dave and the great staff at All Care Dentistry!”


Let’s add your story to our long list of “new smile” clients!

We have many more success stories like from Stacy, Jennifer, and Brianna. If you want a Smile Restoration (and the life changes that will bring) call us for your free consultation.

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Smile Makeover

However challenging you think your dental work might be, we will bring the full range of our services and experience to create a beautiful smile for you with a smile makeover!


Hear What Are Patients Are Saying

5 star rating

Dennis Molla

Google Review

Would give this place 10 stars if I could. I honest never liked going to the dentist office. This place has changed my mind. Dr.Dave has a big heart and a wonderful team that made everything easy and quick! I would also like to mention a hygienist from there named Deana. Have never had a clean so quick and painless before her. She knows what she is doing!

5 star rating

Alicia Gourneau

Google Review

Dr. Hertelendy and his staff are very knowledgeable, fun, and professional. I had a cleaning yesterday with one of his hygienists and showed concern of my gums being too low in a certain spot. He fit me in his schedule the next day for a gingivectomy. I have never had any dentistry done besides orthodontics so I was extremely nervous. The numbing process was painless. The procedure in general was quick. Dr. H was extremely detail orientated and was a perfectionist with how my gums were contoured. The results are amazing. I am very happy with how it turned out.

5 star rating


Google Review

My wife has been going to Dr. Dave and his staff for over 15 years and they are patient and listen to your every need. If you have a low pain tolerance they work with you, if you need braces they have that to, anything you need to take care of your teeth they have, I’m 38 years old and I have been going to Dr.Dave since for a couple months now and now my family sees him as well.

Smile Makeover FAQ

How Long Would the Smile Restoration Procedure Take? 

Generally, the amount of time it takes for the smile restoration procedure depends on the needs of the patient and which treatment they have selected. Some take longer than the others like dental implants. It also depends on how many procedures you chose to have in one restoration.

What Benefits Does a Smile Restoration Offer? 

When it comes to smile restoration, each treatment is unique and has its own advantages. The restoration has a ton of benefits for each individual patient. The treatment would be tailored just for you. It will focus on the structure of the teeth. We want to provide aesthetics accompanied by improved health. A pretty smile needs to be accompanied by a healthy person.

Will it hurt?

We offer many pain management options to make sure our patients are comfortable.

Is there an age limit for a Smile Restoration?

There is no age limit for smile restorations. As long as you have good oral health and can safely undergo the included procedures, you should be able to receive a smile makeover. We will be happy to discuss more at your initial visit to make sure a restoration fits your needs.

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