ZOOM! Teeth Whitening in St. Louis Park, MN

What is Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed is an in-office procedure for whitening discolored teeth. A bright sparkling smile makes a big difference in your appearance, and Zoom WhiteSpeed whitens teeth up to 8 shades in less than an hour! If you have stained or discolored teeth from aging, tobacco use, or drinking dark colas, tea, coffee, or red wine, you will notice a huge difference immediately.


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How does Zoom WhiteSpeed Whitening work?

The Zoom Whitening Gel is light-activated. When the lamp is applied, colored substances are whitened while leaving the structure of the tooth unchanged.

How long does Zoom In-Office Whitening take?

The actual procedure can be completed in one office visit. It starts with a short prep procedure and then there are 3-4 brief whitening sessions. For best results, you may want to have your teeth cleaned prior to your treatment. Just a few hours of your time for an in-office teeth whitening is all it takes for a new bright white smile.

How do I know if Zoom WhiteSpeed Whitening is right for my dental needs?

Call our office at 952-924-9198 or use our handy contact form to set up an appointment. After a brief exam, the details of the procedure and the costs will be explained to you in detail.

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ZOOM Teeth Whitening

ZOOM! whitening is requested by more patients than any other brand. Clinically proven to whiten teeth up to 8 shades in 45 minutes!

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More Questions on Zoom Whitening

What Does The Zoom Whitening Procedure Involve? 

The procedure will first begin with a quick exam and determination of your initial tooth color. The procedure itself is Zoom Whitening Gel which is light-activated. When the lamp is applied, colored substances are whitened while leaving the structure of the tooth unchanged. 

How Long Do Zoom Whitening’s Results Last?  

Most Zoom results last for quite some time. Results may vary and are incredibly dependent upon each individual’s diet and oral hygiene practices. If good oral hygiene is maintained, and things such as coffee and red wine are kept to a minimum, Zoom results can last anywhere from 3-5yrs.

Who Should Not Use The Zoom Teeth Whitening System? 

People who are not recommended to receive Zoom are pregnant or lactating women, children under the age of 14, people with increased sensitivity to light, or patients who are undergoing any type of photochemotherapy. Additionally, patients with melanoma or any other type of skin cancer should not receive Zoom. Generally, Zoom Teeth Whitening is safe for everyone.

Will it hurt?

We offer many pain management options to make sure our patients are comfortable.

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