Dental Implants

Easy Dental Implants For A Bigger Smile

While we are in the tooth-saving business, when required, teeth can be easily replaced.  Dental implants along with preventive dental care are a guaranteed way to a daily bright smile! Without question, we can provide patients with a complete and natural-appearing set of functional teeth and a beautiful smile.

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More Dental Implant Information

At All Care Dentistry, our dental implant service is the first step to a new smile and enhanced oral health. Our team of experienced professionals understands the importance of a functional smile, which is why we offer top dental implant solutions. We use advanced technology and ensure that each implant procedure is tailored to your unique needs. Trust us to restore your smile and provide you with the long-lasting, natural-looking results you deserve.

Our commitment extends beyond the dental implant procedure itself. We prioritize your comfort throughout the entire journey.  Whether you need a single tooth implant or a full-smile restoration. Say goodbye to gaps and hello to a confident, beautiful grin with our dental implant service.

Read What Our Dental Patients Are Saying 

“The whole crew is just amazing. They always take great care of me. Dr. Dave is a master of his craft. Straightened my teeth and replaced the cap to match the color and shape. I moved to Rochester, MN but I made the commute because I refuse to see another dentist.”
“I was in to have a crown replaced and could not be happier with the care and expertise of Dr. Dave and his staff!”
“Thank God for Dr. Dave and his #1 asst. I lost a very old cavity and cracked a tooth during this terrible time of Covid-19. He was able to get me in, they had all the appropriate PPE to protect us from exposure. All Care Dentistry has become like family for my Boys and me and has always made it clear that my family’s dental health is a top priority to them. Taking care of their patients in a safe environment even during a pandemic is a testament to how they feel about taking care of their Patients. Thanks, Dr., for getting me in, making me feel safe, and fixing my tooth!”
“All Care Dentistry is the best! They all know me and my family by name. I live far away but I drive 45 minutes to an hour for my dental care. I like the fact I can call them when emergencies arise and they try their best to accommodate me. I encourage all my friends and extended family to try them. I can’t say enough about them. They are great at what they do.”

Dental Implant FAQ

What are the options for replacing a missing tooth? 

While we are in the tooth-saving business, when required though, teeth can be easily replaced. We can use non-removable implants, crowns, or fixed zirconium bridgework. We may also utilize bonded composite or zirconium esthetic bridgework. When necessary, we create removable full or partial bridges or a combination of these solutions to fill in gaps left by missing teeth. If necessary but not routinely we may employ removable complete or partial dentures.

Do replacement teeth last?

Replacement teeth aren’t susceptible to dental diseases such as decay, but gum health is an important factor in how long your replacement teeth may last. A daily routine and regular cleaning at the dentist will help keep your gums healthy and in return keep your replacement teeth lasting.

Are dental replacements removable like dentures or do they stay in your mouth? 

Dental implants are fixed solidly in the bone and allow teeth to be replaced in a manner that is closest to natural teeth. They are not capable of being removed like dentures.

Will it hurt?

We offer many pain management options to make sure our patients are comfortable.

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