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Our Orthodontic Services:

Orthodontics is the art of directing tooth growth to create a natural look and beautiful smiles. But it’s really much more than just straightening teeth. We employ a variety of strategies to develop facial symmetry, stable dental arches, and beautiful smiles.

Through orthodontics, your straighten teeth can shine bright every day! Rather you choose braces, Invisalign, or want to explore other options, we are here to help!

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Teeth Straightening Options: Invisalign, Dental Braces, Aligners

Growth Guidance – Surprisingly, human faces have actually changed over the last 100 years! Not chewing as infants as the result of soft baby food, has changed the structure of the human face, and airways are also often drastically compromised. Oral health, physical comfort, function, and appearance can be restored through the proper use of orthopedics and orthodontics.

Guiding growing teeth, dictated by the structure of your face, the functioning of your jaw joint, and the alignment of your teeth, is what we practice. It’s much more than just straightening teeth.

Interceptive Approaches – By early intervention to correct bad oral habits for children and young adults, it is often possible to eliminate or greatly reduce the need for complicated treatments later in their lives.

By eliminating obstructions, guiding tooth growth, and using fixed or removable appliances, we can treat problems like mouth breathing, constricted airway, teeth grinding, jaw clenching, thumb, and finger sucking, excessive pacifier use, tongue problems, arch development, allow the natural teeth to erupt in proper alignment.

Working in harmony with a child’s natural physical development, we can eliminate or reduce harmful dental habits and ensure a more natural evolution of their dental structures.

Braces – a mechanical approach for aligning teeth and the underlying skeletal and muscular components. We may use the Invisalign method, a clear and almost invisible to the eye appliance. We can also apply very colorful appliances for kids, or for the kid in you.

No Surgery Teeth Straightening

Our techniques utilize non-extraction and non-surgical approaches to gradually direct the growth of teeth in a way that leads to optimal oral health, comfort, natural appearance, and unrestricted functioning for the rest of your life.

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Teeth Straightening and Orthodontics FAQ

How long will I need to wear my braces? 

The average time for teeth straightening is 12–18 months, but it can take longer if your case is more severe. We can make tweaks in as little as nine months. We’ll give you an accurate estimate at your initial visit or consultation. 

Will I be able to eat normally with braces?

You’ll be able to enjoy a varied diet while wearing braces. If you have fixed braces, you may need to cut things up into bite-sized pieces and avoid very hard or sticky foods. All in all, you can enjoy the same amount of your favorite foods with braces.

Can I straighten my teeth as an adult? 

Traditional orthodontics using braces or Invisalign can be done at any age to align teeth. If orthodontic treatment is not an option, then aligned teeth can be achieved through porcelain veneers and crowns which also will give similar results. We will first educate the patient on why their teeth are maligned and then present multiple options. These options vary from simple aligner care to complex health-creating techniques to deal with and eliminate more severe concerns including airway, joint issues, pain, grinding, and tooth structure cracking and loss.

Will it hurt?

We offer many pain management options to make sure our patients are comfortable.

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