Comfortable, No Pain Dentistry

We take pride in providing the most comfort possible for our patients. Our team understands the anxiety surrounding dental visits and seeks to eliminate those concerns with top-quality care. The All Care Dentistry office hosts a number of pain management resources available to make sure you experience a comfortable and pain-free dental visit. Dentist appointments can be anxious filled, but with our pain-free care, you’ll be worry-free in no time.

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Examples of the pain management approaches we use to guarantee your comfort:

Computerized Novocain Delivery

We use Compudent as our Novocain delivery system. It’s a small tool that that delivers computer measured anesthetic without the scary needle you’re used to. That means no more shots. In fact, most people don’t even know they are getting “numbed up.” The types of remarks we get from almost all of our patients include, “That’s It?” or “What was that?” “I didn’t feel a thing,” and our favorite, “That was great!”


In addition to Novocain, we can offer other anesthetics that will guarantee you will be pain free anywhere from fifteen minutes to a few hours. This will insure your comfort both during and after treatments.

Conscious Sedation

When appropriate, Nitrous Oxide( N2O2), sometimes called laughing gas, is used as a calming agent. It’s an odorless gas that is combined with oxygen to reduce anxiety and offers some pain control. It is applied with a comfortable mask over your nose that allows you to breathe normally. The mild effects of the gas end immediately when the flow of gas stops, and there are no aftereffects. When used in combination with other pain management approaches, even a person with severe dental anxiety will be conscious and comfortable during dental treatment.

Nurse Anesthetist-Deep Sedation/Analgesia

When required, we have a licensed nurse anesthetist on staff who can administer I.V. sedation, equivalent to operating room standards.

With all of these anti-pain and anti-anxiety resources at our disposal, we can guarantee that your dental treatment at All Care Dentistry will be as comfortable and pain free as possible.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

At All Care Dentistry, our patients’ comfort is a top priority. That’s why we have taken measures to ensure our capability to perform a variety of pain management options for dental care. If you have any concerns about your visit, feel free to contact us for more details – We are happy to help! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your visit.

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